Letting Loose part 2

I was so inspired by someone’s digital art that I had come across that I decided to let loose and created something that I didn’t expect to turn out. I posted the painting on Facebook and it sold within days and I also had to recreate a bigger one for an additional sale!

Acrylic 2022

So this week’s goal is to create more of these paintings and also some with different colors. Please email me if you would love one made and shipped to you


I accept PayPal!

Letting loose

The last few pieces of work have been very relaxing to create. The inspiration from these pieces came from meditation. I had relaxed the mind by closing my eyes and putting life on a pause. These images came to mind and I just put the paint on the canvas without even thinking about it. The music was turned up, the mind shut off, and brush started to flow.

This process was such a great feeling. I didn’t care if the piece didn’t turn out good or even if it turned out how my mind had pictured it. It’s like a therapy because the problems of the world disappear while the brush is moving and the paint is placed where ever the mind tells it to go.

This painting was just an image that came to mind. I wanted to paint love and feeling loved. My plan was to keep working on this with oils, but a friend of mine said to just leave it. Someone will want it just the way it is. Even though I feel this is not finished, I plan on just leaving it just like it is.

While meditating, I imagined a fish that was colorful and peaceful. So I went with idea and came out with this fish. My gold fish of 13 years has a huge tumor growing on its back and hasn’t been doing very well these past few weeks. Here’s a dedication to poor little Number Ten (that is his name.

While meditating before painting this, I had felt like I was dancing and just painting whatever I wanted. This looks nothing like the image in my head, but it feels like what I feel when I let loose with my paints.

It is so relaxing to let loose and not have a care. The energy and emotion is so different compared to when I paint from a picture or inspiration from something else.

The Little Things

All the little things do matter.

This little bear playing in the cool water on a hot summer day.

The little stick that brought him entertainment.

All the little bits of progresss that is made each day brings light to new little projects.

Search for “the little things time lapse” in youTube for a quick time lapse of the little details made on the painting.

I hope you enjoy it!

Getting Going!

I have been considering things to get the art studio going as a business and ways to be there for my followers.

The Facebook outage last week has given me an idea to not rely on them as the main focus of communication.

Therefore, I will be only posting updates on my websites blog post for a little while to see how it goes in hopes to making this permanent adjustment.

I am encouraging my followers to subscribe to my blog post on http://www.traulygiftedartstudio.com to stay updated on what is happening behind the scenes and to see first all the new projects that are currently in progress.

The event starting now is for a free 8″x10″ alcoholic ink flower, but only after the email subscriptions reaches to 300.

Can you help me reach 300 subscribers? There will be a drawing for a 10% off a Truly Gifted Art Studio purchase for every three shares through Facebook or Instagram. I will be paying attention to who shares the TrulyGiftedArtStudio posts that include this event “Getting Going!”.

A day in the studio

Today I’m starting on my first cat portrait!

This is my sisters cat Kracker that had passed away. I promised her I would paint her for her. Now that I am in between projects, I have the opportunity to get busy on this creation. Here is the process and how I started to bring this canvas to the life of Kracker.

A first coat of white acrylic paint gives the canvas a smoother surface.
Here’s a second coat and the drying process. I know the canvas frame is warped, but this won’t matter in the end because it will straighten when placed into its frame.
The sketch starts with a picture and a normal pencil.
The sketch does not have to be perfect. It just needs to be perfect in perception.
This coat of acrylic burnt Siena and a little bit of burnt umber is used to help the whites and blacks used look more white and black. Just a quick wet layer.
Now time for the oils! These are the basic colors that are always used!
The first coat! This is where I place all the colors used into their spots.
Add a little bit of details and some shadows.