Alicia Zoldos


Paint your Dreams

I just can’t stop thinking about creating something! My heart desires to be in my little studio corner currently located in the kitchen, but this is where the magic happens. I just plug in my headphones and start losing my soul into the work. I love capturing the personality and getting to know the life that shines from a loved ones eyes.

I started my art journey when I was about seven years old by drawing a picture of my Dad’s eagle knickknack. I collected art tutorial books and drew in notebooks. In 2017, the creativity really began to bloom when I gave my Dad a painting of our dog Buddy that had passed away. When I seen the tears and emotions that the painting had brought, I realized how incredible and meaningful a gift like this was. From there I have researched, watched other artists, and practiced as much as I can to continue to grow by doing something that I will always love doing.