Today I’m starting on my first cat portrait!

This is my sisters cat Kracker that had passed away. I promised her I would paint her for her. Now that I am in between projects, I have the opportunity to get busy on this creation. Here is the process and how I started to bring this canvas to the life of Kracker.

A first coat of white acrylic paint gives the canvas a smoother surface.
Here’s a second coat and the drying process. I know the canvas frame is warped, but this won’t matter in the end because it will straighten when placed into its frame.
The sketch starts with a picture and a normal pencil.
The sketch does not have to be perfect. It just needs to be perfect in perception.
This coat of acrylic burnt Siena and a little bit of burnt umber is used to help the whites and blacks used look more white and black. Just a quick wet layer.
Now time for the oils! These are the basic colors that are always used!
The first coat! This is where I place all the colors used into their spots.
Add a little bit of details and some shadows.